Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a casual Massively Multiplayer online (MMO) video game from Klei Entertainment.

Publisher: Nexon

Platform: PC Windows

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Sugar Rush 2D MMO Fighting Game

All gamers who are looking for 2D MMO fighting games are going to want to try out Sugar Rush which is a new game which is due to hit the market very soon. This is a cartoon based game which runs on a line or a side scroll as opposed to other MMO games which offer a full spectrum world. Players are going to create their own room where they can combat up to eight other players at one time.

The MMO game plays with players beating each other up with their choice of weapons. The weaponry includes bats, maces, axes and swords. There are also some other fun weaponry that can be attained as points are gained. New players can take advantage of the tutorial which explains in depth the rules and requirements of the game.

Keep in mind, that there is a minimum hard drive requirement of two gigabytes in order to play this game and having a newer computer with all the bells and whistles is going to make game play even smoother. Those who have older computers may not find that the game play is a free flowing as it would be with a computer that has the speed and graphics to handle Sugar Rush. It is important for gamers to check the system requirements before downloading to be sure that their computer is going to be able to handle this high graphic fueled quality MMO game.

There are three characters that gamers can choose from to their fighting for them. Each character type has its own pros and cons as well as abilities when fighting. These are, in alphabetical order, the Brawler, the Morpher and the Ninja. The Brawler offers a great deal of hit points but is slow to counter attacks against him. When it comes to versatility, the Morpher offers this and more as they can change their shape to certain animal types. Finally, the Ninja is the speed demon of the game but does not handle hits to their person well and can be taken out by one strong blow directed in the right area. Players can play any of these characters without gaining levels. Try Sugar Rush MMO today!

Sugar RushSugar RushSugar RushSugar RushSugar Rush
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