Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) is a Star Wars themed MMORPG for Microsoft Windows developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts.

Publisher: LucasArts

Platform: PC Windows

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Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG Game Review

Star Wars Galaxies is one of the most anticipated MMORPG ever created due to the legendary movies it was modeled after. This Sci-Fi game takes place in a far-away galaxy and it features some of the character and creatures that were in the movies. Many of the locations throughout the game also represent places that were in the movies. This alone is enough reason for many Star War fans to have an interest in the game but it has many other appealing features as well.

You can choose a character from eight different races and you can also choose your gender. Each race has special qualities and the game allows you to do some customization. The next step is to choose one of the six professions for your character which will determine the core skills for that avatar. Your character will grow as you gain experience in the skills you use the most.

Since each race is dependent on the other in specific ways, the games forces players to join together. For example, warriors need medics to heal them in battles and scouts are needed to help prepare for important battles. This is why MMORPG players form guilds and work together to accomplish their goals. The active PvP action is also a good reason to hang out in groups instead of alone.

Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG added the “Jump to Lightspeed” expansion and this made it possible for players to have and pilot a variety of ships. This was a nice addition to the game and allows players to enjoy even more of what this virtual world has to offer. When fighting in ground combat it will be much like a first person shooter game because you’ll aim at a target and left click the mouse to shoot. As your character advances so will your abilities.

This Sci-Fi MMORPG has excellent graphics that stand out from similar games and a great auction system where you can bid on or put items up for sale. Players can build homes or group building together to form cities. Players will even be able to elect mayors to rule over their city, communicate through chat and much more. Star Wars Galaxies is a good MMORPG that has many exciting features to offer all types of gamers. 

Star Wars GalaxiesStar Wars GalaxiesStar Wars GalaxiesStar Wars GalaxiesStar Wars Galaxies
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