Splash Fighters

Splash Fighters is a free to play MMORPG published by NHN USA.

Publisher: NHN USA

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://sfighters.ijji.com

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Splash Fighters 3D Fighting Game

Splash Fighters is an amazing MMORPG game that offers players lots of fun and excitement. There are plenty of events, minigames and other features to keep players interested and coming back for more. Learning the gameplay is easy but mastering it will take time and skill, which makes this a challenging MMORPG. This game has lots of fighting action that includes arena style fighting, which can be done solo or with teammates. Up to eight players can battle at one time in each arena.

There is an optional tutorial that provides some important information about the game. When you finish with the tutorial, it will be time to create your character and begin playing. The classes in this fighting game include the following: Soldier, Knight, Fighter, Android, Werebeast, Telepather, Imp, Space Agent, Juggernaut, Ninja, Sumo Wrestler and a Spy.

You will also find a variety of game modes that include Team Death Match, Team Sports Match, Team Dog Fight and the One on One Death Match. Each match consists of three rounds and you can choose a different map for each round of the fight. This helps to make things more interesting. When choosing a class you can choose between a male and female and there are many different outfits and facial features to use for customization.

The MMORPG game play is fairly simple, using kicks and punches that stun your character temporarily. For this reason you need to play cautiously and avoid getting hit as much as possible. Splash Fighters has a huge variety of weapons that include axes, swords, daggers, bazookas, pistols, assault rifles and more. Players can drop items when they get hit so this is a good way to collect the things that you need and a good way to even the playing field.

You can also purchase other items from the shop in the MMORPG game where there is a large selection to choose from including facial features and hair styles for your character. You can use both real cash and the in-game cash called GM to buy these items. Splash Fighter is an easy game that’s fun to play and filled with lots of action. It a good 3D fighter game designed for guys and girls of all skill levels and for the casual gamer. 

Splash FightersSplash FightersSplash FightersSplash FightersSplash Fighters
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