Spineworld is a free to play 2D MMO browser virtual world for kids.

Publisher: Playdo AB

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.spineworld.com

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Spineworld: An Amazing 2D MMO Browser Game for Kids
Spineworld is a unique MMO 2D social browser game designed mainly for children. There are many games out there which cater to the mature audience but this one provides the young gamers a place where they can go to socialize and talk to other children with similar interests. The diverse community is appealing and there are several incentives that keep players coming back for more. These include being able to raise pets and decorate rooms.

Spineworld can be played alone or with others and the cartoony graphics provide a fun, vibrant world just waiting to be explored. The environment is small compared to many other games of this type with only five areas to explore, which are as follows: Dragon Port, Cloud Plaza, Meyan Jungle, Misty Island and The Beneath.

Still, considering the fact that it was designed for kids, this is not a problem for most players. Plus, the missions and achievements created for the gamer do provide some sense of direction so the player does feel as if they have accomplished something.

This virtual world has several minigames that can be fun and entertaining to play as well. It’s an excellent game for girls and boys who enjoy socializing and chatting with friends. It gives children a safe place where they have the opportunity to create new friendships and chat for free.

Spineworld does everything possible to ensure it’s a safe and desirable place for children to be. Inappropriate words are filter out and anyone trying to use them will automatically be kicked out with a warning to be banned if inappropriate behavior continues. Moderators are chat members who enforce these rules.

When you set up your account you’ll be given one avatar that you can customize with clothing, shoes and hair styles. Once your avatar is ready you’ll proceed to a building where you’ll be greeted by Captain Hadley. He provides a short tutorial to help you understand the game and then you’ll be teleported to the mainland at Dragon Port where you’re ready to begin your adventures.

You can walk from one destination to another or use the map provided and teleport to the next area. However, keep in mind that you only get a few teleportation’s per day so, don’t get carried away or you’ll still end up doing a lot of walking.

The biggest downfall of this free MMORPG is that in order to unlock many of the features you’ll have to subscribe and become a member. For example, you can purchase additional clothing and hairstyles if you’re an active member only. There are also special lounges in some of the areas that are designed for members only. Therefore, to get the most out of the game, it’s recommended that you become a member.  
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