Soldier Front

Soldier Front is an MMOFPS that allows you to customize your character to fight in certain missions. It is made by Dragonfly Inc, and published by NHN USA.

Publisher: NHN USA

Platform: PC Windows

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Soldier Front: A Unique MMO Shooter Game
Soldier Front is a MMOFPS 3D shooter game that is the American version of the Special Force game found in Korea and Japan. It’s classified as a MMO shooter fighting game in which you create a character and set out to complete your mission. It was published by IJJI and it’s one of the first tactical shooter games to be successful, which has helped to generate similar MMOs.

Soldier Front places the focus on Team and Clan wars. Each player has certain goals they’re trying to reach. The game starts with you in a lobby where you’ll join other players in a room. Here a plan will be put into place and your goals will be made clear. Your mission can include anything from blowing up the enemy’s camp to stopping the other team from reaching a specific destination.

A quality that’s unique to Soldier Front is a character growth system that allows you to retain stats and rise in rank. You’ll have a score card that keeps up with all of the action. Your wins, kills, losses, deaths and even your ping will all be recorded. All of this will be calculated at the close of each game and you will be rewarded experience points based on this information. This is how you move up in rank and respect.

There are many different types of weapons that you can acquire in the game that include machine guns, sub-machine guns, rifles, shotguns, snipers, revolvers and a variety of grenades. Having to reload with ammo clips adds a realistic flare to the game along with the power and recoil created by the weapons.

The 3D graphics are fair but nothing special, which can be a little disappointing for many gamers and there is an occasional glitch but for the most part it’s acceptable. Most players will agree that the music and sound effects are excellent and this adds a little something special to the game.

One of the great things about Soldier Front that any gamer can appreciate is the variety that it offers. You won’t get bored because no two matches are the same. If you love playing MMO shooter fighting games, you should definitely give this one a try.  
Soldier FrontSoldier FrontSoldier FrontSoldier FrontSoldier Front
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