Shot Online

Shot Online is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which features character development and golf simulation.

Publisher: OnNet

Platform: PC Windows

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Shot Online Golf MMORPG Game

Shot Online is a free MMORPG sports game that revolves around golf. This 3D Sports game has lots of variety for the player to enjoy. The realistic 3D graphics are amazing and will make you feel like you’re actually playing in a real tournament. You can choose from seven pre-made avatars with different strengths and weaknesses. After choosing your avatar you’ll enter the game. Once here, you’ll be greeted with a short tutorial that will provide some important information about the game and you’ll be given about 30,000 dollars worth of game currency to help you get started.

When the tutorial ends, you’ll find yourself in town square. This is where all players go to socialize and buy items they need. When you’re ready to compete, you’ll need to pay a certain amount of currency for the entrance fee. The winner of the game will be awarded this money. The currency that you win from the games can be used to play more games and to buy items to enhance your play and dress up your avatar.
Shot Online MMORPG has six playable characters, 18 golf courses and 9 game modes. Players can quest and you can join a guild. It also has a way to trade items and the Tournament system is an excellent feature. To join this type of tournament will require twenty players to get stated and each one will be required to put in 20,000 dollars worth of currency. The winner of the tournament takes all, which is a nice incentive to join. 
This exceptional MMORPG has simple game mechanics that are very effective once you learn how to use them correctly. However, to actually master the skill takes time and practice. The game uses “power meters” that determine the power behind your swing. These need to fill up and at just the right time, you have to hit the “space bar” to activate the swing. If done correctly, you have 100 percent accuracy. The power you have behind the swing determines how far the golf ball will go.
However, just like in real life you need to calculate the changes in wind speed before you swing. There are several different golf clubs to choose from and each of them has a special purpose, which is explained in the tutorial. After making your swing you can click the “tab” key and it will show you where the ball will land.
The better you do, the more experience points you’ll earn and each level that you complete will earn you stat points. These can be distributed between the four attributes which are Stamina, Power, Skill and Impact. If you’re a golf fan, Shot Online is an excellent game that you will surly enjoy. It gives you the opportunity to play against others all over the world and show off your talent as a golfer and MMORPG gamer. 
Shot OnlineShot OnlineShot OnlineShot OnlineShot Online
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