Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon is a free to play browser based MMORPG game.

Publisher: Maid Marian Entertainment

Platform: Browser

Official Website:

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Sherwood Dungeon: A Browser Based MMORPG

Sherwood Dungeon is a Shockwave-based browser MMORPG game that has a lot of impressive qualities. This virtual world is designed with 3D graphics that is rather impressive for a browser MMORPG game and it takes place in Sherwood Forest. Most of the action will be in the dungeon of the Sherwood castle but some of the gameplay will take place in the forest and inside the castle as well.

Since it’s a browser MMORPG game, there is nothing to download and all you need is Adobe Shockwave to play, which is a free program. This MMORPG offers five starting avatars for you to choose from and you can change your character anytime you want to because there’s no race or classes in this game. All avatars have basically the same block system and basic attacks.
One of the things that make Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG stand out is its character growth which takes place through leveling that seems to be almost limitless. This is because the item powers are made by a formula that makes it possible to keep it going. Your goal is to seek out and kill the enemy so you can continue to level-up.
The strengths of most of the items found throughout the game will be based on the level in which it’s found. Each level provides four points for the item. In other words, an item found on level one will have four points whereas an item found on level five would have twenty points.
The world is divided into several shards, or areas, and when any of the shards end up with more than twenty players, a new one is created. This has both its good and bad points. It prevents the world areas from being overcrowded but it’s possible to lose one or more of your party if you travel together in large groups. Due to this system, the game appears to have an unlimited number of maps.
You don’t have to sign-up and register to play if you don’t want to but signing up has its advantages. For example, you need to register to keep your character and to take advantage of the paid features. Some of these features include buying pets that include a lion, spider and a wolf and mounts that include stallions and dragons. Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG is recommended for teenagers and young adults searching for a free game where they can explore a fun virtual world with lots of action. 
Sherwood DungeonSherwood DungeonSherwood DungeonSherwood DungeonSherwood Dungeon

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