Shaiya is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) created by Sonov Entertainment and published in North America by Aeria Games & Entertainment.

Publisher: Aeria Games

Platform: PC Windows

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Shaiya Gives You Fantasy MMORPG Action for Free
There is certainly no shortage of MMORPGs to choose from but Shaiya gives you something new that you won’t find in every other MMORPG out there. From the popular Aeria Games, it has your standard MMORPG style engine so it’s easy to navigate but there are some other interesting and innovative features to distinguish this game from others out there.

You can slay beasts, collect fantastic and powerful weapons and be sure not to die because in some modes of the game, death could be permanent. This MMO has a medium player base and high quality graphics, especially for a free game.

It has a great interface and easy to learn systems for quests and battles. It also has a unique radar and map that you can benefit from and a perma-death system that rivals other games on the market. There is also a dueling/ wager system that is different from other games as well.

One of the downsides is that it can be difficult to progress in the beginning of the game and most people find slow experience gain on some settings. There is also limited character customization and for some people, the perma-death feature can be considered a downside. This mode is called “Ultimate Mode” and if you die, your character will be permanently deleted.

The game Shaiya has an interesting back story and several race and class choices for you to experience. Aeria Games have several other very popular games such as Project Torque, Last Chaos or Megaten, which you may have played before.

One way that Shaiya is different from other MMORPGs is that you get to choose the game mode you want to play on. Choose carefully because you will find these modes different from other games you have played before. you will begin by creating your character just like in any MMORPG and then you will choose the mode to play on.

Most of the elements of the game are the same as your typical MMORPGs and there aren’t as many quests as some gamers may be accustomed to. The storyline is inconsistent in some places and you may have to do a lot of grinding in some areas. But since the game looks so great, you may not even mind the grinding.

While it’s similar to many other MMORPGs, this is still a great free to play MMO with some additional things that you won’t find in other games. It’s worth it to check it out today.


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