Shadow of Legend

Shadow of Legend is an action based MMORPG game published by SmartCell Technology.

Publisher: SmartCell Technology

Platform: PC Windows

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Shadow of Legend: A 2D MMORPG Fantasy Game

When you’re in the market for a free MMORPG game with the classic “hack and slash” gameplay it’s time to take a look at Shadow of Legend. This 2D fantasy MMORPG has two factions to choose from. One of them is the Union which is made up of Humans and Elves. The other is Chaos which is made up of Orcs and Dwarves. Customization is limited but you will have the option of choosing your gender.

The two factions battle constantly for dominance over the other so one can rule all the land. There are four classes to choose from that includes the Combatant, Monk, Mage and the Archer. The combatants are basically warriors that do best in melee combat because of their high defense level.

The Monk is a supportive class with offensive abilities. They help to heal and buff their comrades during battles. The Mage is the long ranged spell caster who can dish out a lot of damaging spells over time. The Archer is very quick and agile making it the perfect class for long range fighting.

After you choose your character you’ll be sent to a huge city. Here you’ll see an NPC with the traditional exclamation mark over his head indicating a quest. You can initiate the automatic walk feature to help move from one location to another by clicking on a quest object located in the quest log. These are very useful in the first several quests where you’ll mainly be delivering messages.

When you hit level 10, you’ll be given some basic gear and you’re ready to venture out to some more serious gameplay. Three of your stats will increase as you level up. These are the Agility, Intelligence and Strength. Distribution is handled differently by using a skill tree for each class.

Shadow of Legend MMORPG does have open PvP outside of the major towns once you reach a certain level so, this is something you need to be aware of. However, like in most games of this type, there is a penalty for excessively killing other players.

MMORPG gamers can take part in Castle Siege events, seek out bosses that are scattered throughout the dungeons and participate in lots of PvP action. All of this combined with the fact that Shadow of Legend is a free RPG style game that’s easy to learn with simple gameplay makes it suitable for anyone new to playing MMORPG. 

Shadow of LegendShadow of LegendShadow of LegendShadow of LegendShadow of Legend
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