Seal Online

Seal Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game (MMORPG), developed by the Korean company - YNK Partners Inc.

Publisher: YNK

Platform: PC Windows

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Seal Online Fantasy MMORPG Fighting Game

When you’re searching for an animated fantasy game that has content and lots of grinding, take a look at Seal Online MMORPG game. This 3D fantasy MMORPG game has many unique features that you won’t find in many of the other games of this type. For example, the storyline is a little humorous and it’s designed with the fairy-tale style graphics.

In this MMORPG, you can choose your first class when you create your character but you don’t have to. If you prefer to get familiar with the game first, you can wait and play as a beginner for awhile. If you do this, when you reach level 10 you’ll need to choose your class. You also have your choice between towns to start in and one of these was specifically designed for beginners who wait to choose their class.

When it’s time to choose your class your options include the Warrior, Knight, Priest, Magician, Craftsman and Jester. The Jester is a unique character that you don’t see very often. Each one of these classes has two second class options for you to choose after you reach level 150.

There is plenty of grinding to be done in this MMORPG with a level cap of over 200. For players who enjoy this type of game play, you'll be comfortable for sure. The system is easy to learn with the point and click interface and it’s designed with bright colorful graphics.

The combo system adds a little more excitement to the combat making it more intriguing and there is a unique “couples system” designed in the game. This allows girls and guys to work together as a team. It also has a pet system that allows you to raise a pet just by giving it food and playing with it.

This fantasy MMORPG has minigames and quest that increases the player’s fame. Fame controls the type of equipment you can use and which pets you have access to. The world is fairly big and the zones are connected by warp portals. This virtual world has a total of thirty zones with plenty of monsters and bosses to battle.

You can take part in arena fights, guild war, dueling and open PvP is available almost anywhere you go outside of the towns. SEAL Online MMORPG is a good game that will suit the taste of many players. If you enjoy MMOs with simple gameplay and lots content, this one just may be for you.

Seal OnlineSeal OnlineSeal OnlineSeal OnlineSeal Online
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