Seafight is a free to play MMORTS game published by Bigpoint.

Publisher: Bigpoint

Platform: Browser

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Seafight 2D MMORTS Browser Game

Do you ever dream about being a pirate and sailing across the open seas? Now you can by playing the MMORTS Seafight. This is a 2D browser game published by Bigpoint. It requires the player to command a ship while completing quests for gold and power. You’ll need to join a clan due to the open PvP rule and then you’ll travel the seas battling other players. This is not a game where you’ll fair well by going off on your own because other players can attack at any time.

Seafight is a real-time fantasy game equipped with individual generated 3D maps. It also has a unique intelligent level-system. You’ll begin the game at the Overview page where you can visit some of the locations within the world such as the weapon shop, pub and the auction house. After accepting your first quest, you’ll be ready to set sail for the first time.

You’ll be battling sea NPC monsters, other pirates and completing quests to earn pearls and gold. Pearls are even more valuable than gold but they are harder to obtain. Questing involves sailing to different locations and lots of combat fighting action. Strategy is needed in order to complete your quest and if you lose a battle, it can cost a lot of gold and pearls repairing your vessel. 

The currency that you acquire throughout the game can be used to purchase weapons, equipment and new vessels. It’s a good idea to collect as much as you can because you never know when your vessel will be damaged and need repairs. Your odds of winning a battle will improve with the more weapons you obtain.

This MMORTS is a fun and exciting option for all types of gamers. System requirements include having a good Internet connection and Java but you won’t need to download anything. Seafight uses the point and click mouse method to play, which is fast and easy to learn.

Fighting other players is the main part of the game but you can also enter a monthly jack pot event where players take part in a huge free-for-all battle where the winner takes all. The hardcore gamer may find the graphics to be poor and the quest to be too simple but the average player should find Seafight MMORTS very enjoyable. 


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