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Saga: A Unique MMORPG Fantasy Game

Saga is a unique and interesting MMORPG Fantasy Fighting game that is loved by many gamers. The storyline is based off of Journey to the West which is a Chinese classic. The goal is to be a part of the team that heads west to retrieve the sacred texts lost during the Monkey King’s antics and the game is a light-hearted version of this classic tale.

You can choose a character from the three races which are Ren, Yaoh and Shenzu. Each race has a different history but otherwise they have the same functions. Each race will start out with different a pet that resembles a beast. At different points throughout the beginning quests, you’ll obtain a Humanoid pet. The pets have to be fed and they can learn a few skills. They also have their own stats, gear and unique attitude. Players even have the opportunity to tame some of the monsters that are found in the wild to create an advantage over their opponents.

One thing that many gamers love about saga is that you get to keep everything you build, buy or conquer throughout the entire game. If your building gets damaged, you’ll have to repair it. Any troops that are killed will have to be resurrected or they stay dead. Troops will gain experience and skills will improve as you move through the battles and you can acquire weapons and new armor as well.

This 3D Action MMORPG offers six classes which are Conjurer, Mystic, Ranger, Dragoon, Shaman, and Rogue. After choosing your character, you’ll have to choose a birthday for the character and a zodiac sign. This will determine which three nascent skills they have. You will have the opportunity to customize your character as you level-up and your skill level will advance as well.

One of the first things that you’ll probably notice is that the user interface is very similar to that of World of Warcraft. For instance, your character’s current status will be in the upper-left hand corner and the mini-map will be in the right hand corner with a quest tracker below it.

Each server is divided into about fifteen different realms with one of them being dedicated specifically to trading and the graphics are clean and somewhat impressive. One downside is that you’ll have to wait until you reach level 45 before you can PvP and the PvP system can be somewhat complicated.

Another problem that some players run into is that if you don’t understand the Chinese language, literature and culture, you could find parts of the game annoying and some parts of the system appear to be very complicated while other parts are too simple. Even the quest can get a little frustrating at times because they seem to go on and on. Still, for the most part, Saga is a fun and interesting MMORPG that’s worth trying out for yourself. 

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