Rubies of Eventide

Rubies of Eventide (RoE or Rubies) was a free to play (donation-funded) massively multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG) previously published by Mnemosyne, LLC.

Publisher: Mnemosyne

Platform: PC Windows

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Rubies of Eventide a Free MMORPG Fantasy 3D Game

Rubies of Eventide began its online history as a paid MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in 2003. It quickly switched to a free MMORPG game with donations accepted to help fund the server and keep the game alive. Players who donated certain amounts were offered rewards that could be used in the game to increase the playability and to add to the player’s arsenal. In 2009, the game was taken offline for many reasons, one being that the MMORPG game was getting hacked and became unstable.

The actual game was quite typical of a MMORPG in that the players could choose a race and an occupation and had to complete quests and battle other players in order to increase levels. There were seven races to choose from with a few that were only offered at Rubies. The same elf, human, dwarf and orcs with the addition of gnomes, ogres and leshy which is a race solely offered at Rubies of Eventide. 

There were two servers that were dedicated to the certain playing skill of the players. The first was dedicated to those who were new and beginners that needed help. The second was for the more seasoned players that had more insight to the game and where there were more difficult challenges to gain experience. Players could choose which server that they wanted to play at but there was a limit to two hundred and fifty players at one time on each server.

The MMORPG game closed its doors in August 2009 because of the previously mentioned hacking that was going on at the site. This as well as player-bashing and other issues that made the game play lack the fun and integrity that the creators intended were other reasons. The owners have stated that they would sell the game if the right buyer came along so there is still hope for the game going back live. One note of caution, any player who attempts to get into the server and go live is going to find themselves prosecuted by the current owners so no attempt to play until the MMORPG game is legitimately live should be made.

Rubies of EventideRubies of EventideRubies of EventideRubies of EventideRubies of Eventide
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