Richman Online

Richman Online is a free to play casual MMO game published by Aeria Games.

Publisher: Aeria Games

Platform: PC Windows

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Richman Online MMO Board Game

When you’re searching for a casual MMO, Richland Online is a good choice. This 2D browser game plays much like an anime version of the classic board game Monopoly. It takes two or four players to play a game and the main objective is to take all of your opponent’s cash and make him go bankrupt. Just like the game of Monopoly, you’ll need to buy up as much property as you can and put buildings on them so you can collect rent from the other players.

However, there are a couple of significant differences between this game and the actual Monopoly game. For example, it doesn’t take hours to play a game and some can be played within a few minutes. The fact that it’s an MMO which takes place in a virtual world with nuclear warfare and landmines also makes it unique.

Richman Online is a strategy game that uses a unique card system. The cards can be purchased or picked up when you randomly land on certain locations on the board. All of the cards have a different function. For instance, some will set traps, some control how many spaces you can move and others launch missiles.

Richman Online does have a short tutorial that will explain how the game is played by introducing you to the basics but it goes one step further. After the first one is completed there are five more tutorials that will take you through and explain each aspect of the game in more detail. This is good for anyone not familiar with this type of virtual game. Once you’ve completed the six tutorials you’ll be a level 4 and it’s time to join the rest of the players in the main room.

The game offers five avatars in the beginning and several more will become available later in the game. Since they don’t have an effect on how the game is played you can switch your avatar at any time. Richman Online has three game modes which consist of regular mode, battle mode and Cooperative Boss Battle mode.

There’s even a card shop where you can exchange ticket points that you earn for special cards that have different effects on the game. For example, some can change the direction of your opponent, influence the stock market or switch out one of your buildings with that of another players.

In this game, the cards are basically the same thing as items in other types of games and winning relies heavily on learning how to use the cards correctly. Richman Online is a great game that’s fun, entertaining and easy to learn. Even boys and girls with no experience playing MMO games can learn how to play. 

Richman OnlineRichman OnlineRichman OnlineRichman OnlineRichman Online
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