Requiem: Memento Mori is a Free-To-Play and Pay-To-Play darkly themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by GRAVITY.

Publisher: Gravity

Platform: PC Windows

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Requiem Game Review
Requiem Bloodymare is a MMORPG that takes place in a fragile society that’s feeling the after effects of tragic wars fought with magic and science combined. The world is left in horrible shape with mutants that threaten all of the humans who are left and most of the land is barren and poisonous. The survivors of this world are placing all of their hope for a future in the very thing that was responsible for its destruction.

This 3D fantasy game is filled with violence and bloodshed and is definitely not suitable for young players. Gamers will be fighting against bloodthirsty creatures that prowl the world at night searching for victims. You’ll have a nice selection of weapons combined with a possession beast system filled with mysterious powers that will aid in the quest to destroy evil. These mysterious powers allow your character to transform into a huge ferocious creature called a Possession Beast, which can be leveled-up to become even stronger.

The game is equipped with weapon enhancements that allow players to upgrade and customize their items to get more strength in battles. It’s even possible to create new items in some cases and you can reorganize your characters DNA to reduce their weaknesses and build up their strengths.

There are certain areas within the game which are specifically designed for groups. In these areas, you’ll complete a series of challenges to collect key items that will allow you into new undiscovered locked areas of terror and destruction. Players can take part in PvP battles where they can collect key items that allow you to obtain some of the rarest armor and weapons found in the game. 

Requiem Bloodymare is certainly different from most MMORPG’s due to all of the violence combined with its dark, grim atmosphere. When darkness falls on this world, each player will be forced to face their worst nightmares head on. The only way to survive is to form parties, build up your strengths and prepare for the worse.

Requiem Bloodymare is a free MMORPG but you can pay for subscriptions that will give you access to several benefits which can enhance the game considerably. The subscription also allows you access to an item shop where you can buy extras for your character.  
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