Remnant Knights

Remnant Knights is a free-to-play MMORPG with an anime-inspired theme. The MMORPG is developed by Min Communications and published by GameSamba.

Publisher: GameSamba

Platform: PC Windows

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Remnant Knights Anime-Inspired MMORPG

Remnant Knights is a free-to-play MMORPG with an anime-inspired theme. Taking place in a world built to replace the stolen Earth, it features many familiar historical and pop-culture locations and figures. Players create their character, select which of two Academies they will join, and specialize in their chosen class as they start their journey to save the world, and to prove that they’re the best Knight in the land of Kasmari.

Remnant Knights features:

• ENROLL IN YOUR DESTINY – Players can enroll in one of two Academies (Dragon and Owl), and select from six classes: Elementalist, Priest, Striker, Crasher, Dual Gunner, and Heavy Launcher.
• BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY – Join a Club, and take part in a number of competitions and PVP events pitting players against players, Club against Club, and School against School. Events include team and single player tournaments, territory control, free-for-all deathmatches, and more.
• OWN YOUR PART OF THE WORLD – Raise a pet, own your own dorm room, and cruise around the world on a variety of vehicles and mounts, from hoverboards to mystical creatures.
• TELL YOUR FRIENDS – Fully connect to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts from inside the game. Post to your wall when you beat a boss or find that epic loot!
• BATTLE MONSTERS AND BOSSES – Venture through diverse maps, fighting a wide variety of monsters, and crawling a number of unique dungeons.

Remnant KnightsRemnant KnightsRemnant KnightsRemnant KnightsRemnant Knights
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