Rakion is a free-to-play, real-time, three-dimensional, fantasy action, room-based MMO game developed and published by the South Korean company Softnyx.

Publisher: Softnyx

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://rakion.softnyx.net

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Rakion: A 3D Fantasy MMO

Rakion is a 3D fantasy MMO that provides players with a unique combination of shooter action and fantasy fun. This shooter game focuses more on fast-paced action than it does the typical RPG grind that you would expect in this type of game. This is one thing that separates it from many of the other shooter games available today. 

Rakion MMO has five playable classes consisting of the Warrior, Blacksmith, Archer, Mage and Ninja. Each of these has the melee and long ranged attack modes and they have six key stats. The six stats are Speed, Grip, Attack, Rage, Creature and Defense and each class uses a different distribution for the stats.
There is no customization in this game and you don’t have the option of choosing your gender but don’t let this discourage you. It still has plenty to offer. The male classes are the Warriors, Blacksmith and the Mage. The female classes are the Ninja and the Archer.
It has an optional tutorial that explains the controls. Basically, the unique third person camera view is controlled with the mouse and the movement and attacks are controlled with the keyboard and by left-clicking the mouse. It’s a very simple system to learn.
This MMO has all the things that you would expect from a shooter game of this type. You gain experience points by killing monsters and leveling up. The pet system allows you to summons your pet to fight alongside you and it has plenty of PvP action to enjoy. Still, Rakion stands out from the rest because it has more features to offer than many of the other games in this category.
For example, it has the “Chaos System”, which means that you can turn yourself into a powerful creature during battle when you’re almost at the end of your life. There are many combo hits that can be used to terminate your enemy in a short period of time and this game also requires players to use strategy during the PvP battles.   
Rakion MMO has good graphics and smooth gameplay. It offers six game modes along with single player and co-op maps, which translates into lots of variety. This gives gamers the option of playing solo or working with others in co-op mode. It may be an older MMO game but it still has lots of good content and this makes it a good choice for the casual gamer. 
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