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Racing Star is a MMO racing game.

Publisher: Burda:ic GmbH

Platform: PC Windows

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Racing Star MMO Racing Game

Racing Star, Come On Baby is a 3D kart racing MMO game packed with fun and excitement. This casual racing game is an excellent choice for the gamer that plays for fun. The cartoony graphics has a unique baby theme to it which is where the name “Come On Baby” originated from. However, don’t let the unusual theme discourage you because the gameplay is solid and plays much like what you’ll find in Mario Kart.

This MMO game has six playable characters and all of them are babies. They all have a different variation of the four stats that include DEF, SPE CUV and ACC. The tutorial is simple and very helpful. It’s recommended you take advantage of it to receive some of the game’s currency called “corn” and to learn the basics. One of the first things that you’ll notice will be the colorful and adequately designed maps that help you maneuver through the game.

Come On Baby has many bright and colorful courses with unique designs and four game modes. These are called the Turbo Single, Turbo Team, Item Single and Item Team. Obviously, you’ll be racing on your own in the single modes and with other players in the team modes.  

When you’re in “Item mode” you can drop items on the track to try and slow down the other players. The “Turbo modes” don’t allow items to be dropped so it requires more skill to win. You actually have to outdrive the competition to win the race. Learning how to drift properly is important in this mode because you’ll receive a boost when drifting.

The MMO game’s store has plenty of items that can be purchase with corn or real money. These can be used to personalize your character and enhance gameplay. There is also a metal shop where you can use the medals you win from racing to purchase items that can help make you a better racer.

Racing Star, Come On Baby has many other great features to enjoy such as a “Baby Park” where players can walk around and chat with each other. There is also a “Minigame Mode” where you can enjoy playing a variety of other fun games when you’re not racing. 

Racing Star, Come On Baby is designed for the casual gamer who’s searching for a lighthearted MMO racing game where you can have fun and enjoy yourself. It has some wonderful features that can be enjoy by gamers of all ages. However, it’s not recommended for the hardcore player who’s searching for a serious racing adventure. Come On Baby is designed mostly for fun and entertainment, not showing off your hardcore racing skills. 

Racing StarRacing StarRacing StarRacing StarRacing Star
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