Quake Live

Quake Live is a free MMOFPS video game by id Software designed to run on x86-based computers running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux that is downloaded and launched via a web browser plugin.

Publisher: id Software

Platform: PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Website: http://www.quakelive.com

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Quake Live 3D Browser MMOFPS Game

Quake Live is an excellent MMOFPS browser shooter game with plenty of variety. This is not a tactical shooter game like many of the others where you’ll be using modern day weapons. Instead, it plays more like the old school FPS games. Not only is it fun and interesting, but it’s free-to-play right from your browser.

If you’re not familiar with the MMOFPS style it’s important to know that you don’t gain experience points and your character won’t move up in levels. Instead, the stats that you accumulate such as your wins, loses, kill/death ratio and accuracy are recorded. This information is then made available online for all to see. This is also where you’ll keep track of everything.

Even though this is a 3D browser MMOFPS game, you’ll need to install a small web plug-in and then you’re ready to begin. The character selection is excellent with several to choose form. Each one of them has their own special story to tell. For instance, Anarki is a cyber-board surfer who gave up his humanity for an array of cybronic implants. Orbb was created to monitor the combat within the arena but he evolved to the point where he is now a deadly competitor. Mynx is a fashion model/adult entertainer/master assassin who is considered part black widow and part viper.

Since there is no leveling up for your character, you can change avatars anytime you want to try something different. It won’t change anything but the appearance of the character. You’ll have excess to twelve different weapons depending on which arena you’re fighting in. All players begin with a melee gauntlet and a machine gun. These are two of the weakest weapons in the game so one of your first priorities will be to find and collect more powerful weapons.

You’ll be constantly moving around to different arenas using the jump pads or teleporters. You have access to over forty maps with arenas so there’s plenty to keep you busy. You’ll want to stay on the move by jumping around because a series of jumps will move you faster than running and it doesn’t affect your aim like it would in some of the tactical shooter games.

The matches in this online Sci-Fi MMOFPS game are set up where you’ll be facing opponents close to your own skill level so you never have to worry about facing others that are out of your league. There are five game modes that include the following: Team Death Match, Duel, Free for All, Clan Arena and Capture the Flag.

The controls follow the same basic pattern as other shooter games and it’s easy to learn. However, it does take skill and practice to learn the weapons, maps and other aspects of the game that will make you a great player. Anyone who enjoys the old school MMOFPS games should thoroughly enjoy Quake Live. 

Quake LiveQuake LiveQuake LiveQuake LiveQuake Live
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