Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Three Rings Design.

Publisher: Three Rings Design & Ubisoft

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.puzzlepirates.com

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Puzzle Pirates: Online MMO Game for All Ages
If you are looking for a MMO online game that does not simulate violence or gore, doesn’t have guns or physical altercations between players, but instead provides competitive interaction to develop problem solving skills using puzzles. Or if your concern is that your child is exposed to violence in online games, or bad language from other online players then Puzzle Pirates is probably right up your alley.
A fantasy world that is fun for boys and girls of all ages, Puzzle Pirates encourages the players in their 3D virtual world to work together. Learning to work together and cooperate with other players leads to success in the game. Forming a crew, organizing an expedition and interacting with other players are all ways to earn rewards.
You will be able to create your own pirate and navigate the “treacherous” seas in search of treasure with your crew. This makes Puzzle Pirates a game that allows the ability to express your individuality through your pirate character and make new friends as you get to know the players on your crew.
Puzzle Pirates virtual world is monitored 24 hours a day and the support staff responds quickly to complaints from players or parents. This makes Puzzle Pirates an MMORPG that is ideal for young girls and boys, where they won’t be exposed to disruptive and irresponsible behavior. The safety of children online is of the utmost importance, not only to their parents but also to the hosts of Puzzle Pirates, misbehaving players will be removed immediately.
Puzzle Pirates is basically a series of mini-games within a larger game in which the strategy is to gather treasure. These fantasy challenges include sinking treasure galleons, racing to islands, and solving puzzles to advance. Working together and solving puzzles teaches children the benefits of thinking thing through and planning a strategy as well as the benefit of working with others. While Puzzle Pirates is a fun and safe game for children, it is also fun for the whole family, older siblings and even parents have fun playing in the online virtual world of Puzzle Pirates.
In the world of MMORPGs, Puzzle Pirates is a truly family friendly game that can be played completely free.  
Puzzle PiratesPuzzle PiratesPuzzle PiratesPuzzle PiratesPuzzle Pirates
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