PoxNora: Battlefield of the Immortals is a MMO game that combines a collectible card game with a turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting.

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://poxnora.station.sony.com

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PoxNora 2D MMO Strategy Game

PoxNora is an amazing 2D MMO strategy game that is basically a mix between tabletop miniature games and trading card games. In this MMO, players command armies of creatures by using decks of magical runes. The battles take place on gridded maps where you have the ability to cast spells that have devastating powers. You can also summons relics and equipment to defeat your enemies.

The Champions or Heroes are the main units used to help protect your citadel while destroying your opponents and they will appear on the map as miniatures. The Champions have a variety of speeds when moving, several different attacks and other special abilities. For instance, not only can they do a lot of damage but they can also heal their own teammates.
PoxNora MMO is a turn-based tactical game, which means that players take turns attacking each other. It’s not a fast-paced action game but instead a strategy game in which you must plan your next move. It’s not at all uncommon for a match to last between thirty minutes to an hour with very little action.
When you first enter the game there will be a tutorial that is optional but if you’re not familiar with the game it would be wise to take advantage of it. When you begin playing you have access to eight fractions or starter decks. They are Savage Tundra, Ironfist Stronghold, Forglar Swamp, Underdepths, K’Thir Forest, Shattered Peaks, Forsaken Wastes, Sundered Lands.
Once the tutorial is over you’ll be sent to one of the channels called Casual Play, The Bazaar, Training Grounds, Ranked Play and Single Player. The first two channels are designed for beginners and it’s where you’ll learn how to fight by going up against (computer generated) AI controlled opponents. There are four missions in each channel for you to complete. After completing the first two channels you can face other players by opening up a room yourself or joining one that someone else has opened up.    
This is a free to play MMO game but if you want to make it more interesting you can purchase booster packs and your own runes so you can put together your own deck. You can also buy single player Campaigns to help enhance your avatars. A premium subscription can also be purchased that provides players with store discounts, Premium Campaigns and more. PoxNora is a fun MMO that is recommended for anyone who enjoys playing strategy fantasy games. 
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