Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Pirates of the Caribbean Online, sometimes shortened to Pirates Online, or POTCO, is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), created by The Walt Disney Company, based on the film series and theme park attraction of the same name.

Publisher: Disney Interactive Media Group

Platform: PC Windows, MAC

Official Website: http://piratesonline.go.com

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online MMORPG

Based on the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean Online is an action-packed fighting MMORPG designed with a real-time combat system. This is a game that the whole family can enjoy and it has a charm about it that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more. As a player, you have the honor of helping out the infamous Jack Sparrow and interacting with other characters from the movie.

The customization process allows you to change your character’s features. For example, you can change their body type or give them a distinctive mouth, forehead, eyes and so forth. There are a number of different hair styles and colors available to choose from as well. You won’t find any races or classes in this game because it uses a skill-based progression in which your rank will increase along with the weapons you use.
There are six weapons to choose from. These include the Pistol, Cutlass, Voodoo Staff, Dragger, Voodoo Doll and the Grenade. The three ship types are the Galleon, Frigate and the Sloop and the main Islands in the game are called Padres Del Fuego, Kingshead, Cuba, Port Royal and Tortuga.
The MMORPG game starts off with Captain Sparrow helping you escape from prison and then you’ll go through a short tutorial. This is optional but it’s a good idea to go through it because it does a good job explaining the game and how the system works. When the tutorial is finished you’ll find yourself at Port Royal where you’ll soon get your ship and set sail.
There is a yellow arrow located on the mini map that will guide you from one destination to another. Players will enjoy lots of fighting action in Pirates of the Caribbean Online MMORPG that’s done on both land and at sea. On land players can use their pistols and swords when engaged in combat. When on water you can fire broadsides against your enemies. When you complete a quest you’ll be introduced to another one and this is how you’ll progress through the game. Your characters health and voodoo or mana will increase as you level up.
The graphics are good but a bit cartoony. Considering it’s a game for all ages it’s a nice touch. There is a bar and a gambling room in this 3D fantasy MMORPG where players can gather together and compete against each other in card games. This is a free online game but you can access more options with a subscription.
Disney makes it easy for players to enjoy their games by using a universal registration system. What this means is that if you have an account with Disney already, even if it’s for a different game, you don’t have to register again. The voice acting and cinema feel helps to make this MMORPG a very popular game. If you’re a fan of the movies and searching for a good family oriented game, you should truly enjoy playing Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Pirates of the Caribbean OnlinePirates of the Caribbean OnlinePirates of the Caribbean OnlinePirates of the Caribbean OnlinePirates of the Caribbean Online
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