Pirate Quest

Pirate Quest MMO browser game is free to play.

Publisher: Pixabit

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.piratequest.net

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Pirate Quest MMO Browser Game
Explore the Caribbean in search of hidden treasure in a 2D browser MMO game called Pirate Quest. In this action game you’ll sail across the seas seeking out all types of adventures. The MMO game was designed to give players a quality pirate game that could provide them with lots of fun and entertainment.

The MMO game’s map will guide you through the open seas and on your quest to fame and fortune. You will literally seek out the “X” on the map where you’ll find treasures or where you’ll find clues that will lead you to treasure. Of course, there will be some X’s that lead you to nothing simply to make things more interested.

The MMO game makes you work to discover what’s hidden under the “X” and this can be done by playing a match three game. There will be blue blocks that need to be cleared out of the way before you can finish the level. This is done by looking at the objects inside the blue squares and matching three of a kind together.

However, there is a catch. You will be on a timer and if you don’t clear the way before the sand runs through the hour glass, you’ll lose. The game gives you three lives, which means that you have three chances to clear a level and move on. Clearing the way and winning a level will reveal what’s under the “X” but if you lose three times, the game is over.

The further you get into the game the harder the quest become. There will be more obstacles added to make it more difficult to finish the level in the amount of time allowed. Some of the objects will even be locked to make things more complicated. In order to unlock the objects you’ll need to match them up. This takes you longer to clear the board because you need to clear all the locks first and if you’re not careful, you’ll run out of time.

This text-based RPG has vibrant interactive graphics that any gamer can appreciate. You’ll notice that all of the objects and backgrounds reflect the pirate theme. For example, you’ll see treasure chests, coins and gems all through the MMO game.

Pirate Quest MMO is a fun and entertaining game that lets player’s escape reality for awhile. If you’ve always wanted to roam the seas and seek out hidden treasure or if you like playing match three games, you’ll most likely enjoy this free RPG. 
Pirate QuestPirate QuestPirate QuestPirate QuestPirate Quest
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