The Pimps

The Pimps is a free to play browser based MMORPG game.

Publisher: Bigpoint

Platform: Browser

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The Pimps Browser MMORPG Game

When you want a gangster sim that's easy to play and comparable to big names on the market, consider The Pimps, MMORPG text browser game. This gangster gives you the player access to drugs, cars, money, women and other features that are known to the organized crime operation.

In this MMORPG game, players can join and create clans and there are lots of buildings to construct and upgrade as you go. There is no install required and you don't have to download anything to get started. New players will start with a trial of the premium content. After this trial period, you do have to pay to get the full premium content the Pimps has to offer.

There is an optional tutorial that you can do at the beginning if you want to learn more about the game and how to get started. This browser based game published by Bigpoint who also made the popular browser MMORPG games Seafight, Gladius 2, Space Invasion, XBlaster, and Dark Orbit.

Just like the other games from this same publisher, The Pimps MMORPG is largely PvP based. Before you can participate in these turf wars which are a great deal of what the game is about, you will need to establish yourself as a gangster in your home city or district area.

The good news is that you get started off with a pretty decent amount of cash to help you do that. You will also have access to the game's premium content and five special employees that help you to run your business. There is also an optional tutorial that gives you full instructions on how to earn cash from the four methods that are available to you.

You should be warned that The Pimps MMORPG is created with adults in mind and does have content that is not suitable to minors. There is marijuana (weed) and hookers that you can hire and later build a brother for so they earn money from you. There is also crack cocaine purchased from the Colombian and sold by pushers on the streets. It's intended to be role-playing fun but most of the content would not be suitable to younger audiences.

The PimpsThe PimpsThe PimpsThe PimpsThe Pimps
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