Phoenix Dynasty Online

Phoenix Dynasty Online is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Object Software.

Publisher: Ingle Games

Platform: PC Windows

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Phoenix Dynasty Online MMORPG Game

Phoenix Dynasty Online (PDO) is a 2D fantasy MMORPG game with several unique features you won’t find in other MMORPG. When you play the game one of the first things that you’ll need to do is choose your class. The four playable classes are the Paladin, Wizard, Assassin and Priest. After this is done, you’ll be put straight into the game where you can start playing. There is no tutorial but the gameplay is fairly easy to learn.

It has what is called the “Five Element System” that adds some variety to the gameplay. This becomes available after you reach level 10. Each one of the five elements has its own special set of skills so choose wisely. You will be able to pick out another one when you reach level 50.

Phoenix Dynasty Online MMORPG also has a system that rewards the high level players (over 40) when they help out the new players below level 25. It’s called the Liege-Vassal system. The high level player will be given extra bonus experience points and when you help 10 new players reach level 40, you’ll receive a medal of honor. This MMO has a mount system that allows players to ride a variety of mounts that include horses, tigers, bears and a Phoenix, which is a mythical bird.

The guild system allows players to create a guild by paying gold to a guild officer. The guild war takes place in an area called “Bayer Tribes” and there are nine cities within this area that guilds fight to occupy. The game has a great crafting system that determines the stat of a crafted item based on the quality of the resource and there are more than one set of items that can be used to create a specific item.

There are four crafting skills available called the Jewel, Blacksmith, Leather and Armor. The Jewel Crafting skill allows players to create rings and necklaces. The Blacksmith creates weapons, Leather Crafting creates gauntlets and helmets and Armor Crafting creates boots and armor. You can earn gold by providing crafting services and you can get the materials to use for crafting by killing monsters. 

Some of the other features that make this MMORPG game interesting include the item formula, the artifact system, heavy PvP action, the marriage system and there are over one hundred quests to enjoy. The huge world in Phoenix Dynasty Online MMORPG gives the player plenty of exploring to do and many interesting features to enjoy.

Phoenix Dynasty OnlinePhoenix Dynasty OnlinePhoenix Dynasty OnlinePhoenix Dynasty OnlinePhoenix Dynasty Online
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