Pangya is an online multiplayer casual golf simulation game designed by a Korean development company, Ntreev Soft and published by Korean online game publisher HanbitSoft.

Publisher: Ntreev

Platform: PC Windows

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Pangya - An Online MMO Golf Sim Game You Will Love
Pangya is a 3D MMO sports fantasy golf game game that you should definitely check out. This multiplayer online golf game was once known as Albatross19 and is a popular choice in this genre of games. We all love games that we are used to. When a game is created based on an idea of gameplay that were are already familiar with, it can increase the lifespan of that game from months to years.

PangYa is a perfect example of this. It's a fun little addicting MMO golf game that you can easily spend hours enjoying. You can take a simple golf template that everyone is used to and enjoy fun of golf in the manner that you're used to. With Pangya, you can enjoy some of the best virtual golf you've ever seen.

Developed by Ntreev Soft in Korea, the game has servers all over the world to meet the needs of all types of players. It's a free to play MMO and all you have to do is register and download and you can begin playing right away. You will start off as a rookie and will need to prove your skills and work your way up the ranks through different inventive courses.

As you advance, you will find the courses become more and more challenging. This is when you will also be given the opportunity to buy better clubs, stat-boosting gear and more. This will all help you improve your game of golf as you work your way up the levels.

This isn't your typical Tiger Woods rip-off game, either. In fact, it's probably as far away from this as you can get while still being a golf game. It's fun and colorful and there seems to be an awful lot of dancing. But if you like dancing, you're going to be all for this game!

The controls are easy to understand and manipulate and lining up for your shot is easy with the arrow keys and the space bar. You can play rounds of golf in groups of four or you can also play individually in real-time tournaments to test your skills against others.

There is an in-game currency, Pang points, which you will earn when you do well in any of the 13 18-hole courses found in the game. Use this cash to buy better stuff for your golfer and continue to grow in Pangya.


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