Omerta is a browser-based text MMORPG and has been running since 2003.

Publisher: Omerta Game Limited

Platform: Browser

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Omerta: An Excellent Mafia MMORPG
Omerta is a MMORPG that’s based on the stories surrounding the legendary Don Barafranca. The word “Omerta” is defined as a code of silence that involves the refusal to provide evidence to law enforcements about any criminal act and it’s practiced by the Mafia. It’s an excellent title for this online browser game because it describes it very well. 

Omerta is a text-based massive multiplayer role-playing game that revolves around the Mafia and the influence they have in the world. It’s all about money, respect and personal status. You gain points and advance by committing crimes such as grand theft auto, robbery and drug trafficking. You even have the opportunity to start up your own organized crime ring.

As a new player to this world of violence and greed you have to choose where you want to start. Your options include Italy or a city in the United States such as Las Vegas. Your goal is to grow in power and riches while managing to stay alive. Creating a family within the game will earn you more power, wealth and protection but it’s not your only option. If you prefer not to be a part of a large family you can protect yourself by obtaining a fast car, bulletproof suits and you can even hire a bodyguard if you feel the need.

It has an in-depth storyline that keeps the player on edge at all times. It would be a good idea to research the life of Don Barafranca and learn as much as you can about his life because this will give you an insight that will help your character rise to top. You start out at the very bottom of the list and must work hard to rise up in rank and become an important character in the game.

Obviously, Omerta is for the mature gamer and is not suitable for young players and it’s not for everyone. It takes a certain type of personality to be a part of this world but if you have a desire to see what Mafia life would be like without experiencing it in the real world, this MMORPG has everything you need. Omerta is rated as one of the top Mafia massive multiplayer role-playing games available today.  
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