NosTale is a free-to-play Fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) developed and published by the Korean company, Entwell Co., Ltd and by Gameforge.

Publisher: Servex Co., Ltd.

Platform: PC Windows

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NosTale Virtual World Fantasy MMORPG Game
NosTale Virtual World is a MMORPG 2D fantasy game that takes place in a celestial world. When you begin the game you’ll start out as the Adventurer, which is simply a basic class. When you reach level ten your character progresses into one of three classes which are the Swordsman, Sorcerer and the Archer. The unique progression system the game uses allows each one of these classes to advance into two specialty classes when the character reaches level twenty and thirty-five.

You have a pet that travel along with you that support you in your battles and help you collect gear. You can even capture some of the enemies and turn them into your pets. The way the gear is handled throughout this MMORPG is an excellent feature and girls and boys of all ages can enjoy playing this fantasy game.

The PvP encourages player interaction and Freezer Tag is a fun game that can be played throughout the virtual world. There is an arena where one-on-one battles can take place along with PvP battles. The Rainbow Crystal Battle is another option that’s interesting and fun. NosTale Virtual World is a bright vibrant one with wonderful graphics.

To understand the game you need to have an overview of how it came about. In the beginning, long before the player is even born, there was a big dispute between the sun god and his son the moon god. Ancelloan (the sun god’s wife) stepped in to end the dispute. Ancelloan uses her left hand to block the flaming sword of the Sun and the right hand to block the icy spear of the Moon.

In the process, she loses her life and the world is created. Spirits generate from the left hand and the source for all water comes from the frozen right hand as it thaws. The golden hair of Ancelloan transforms into the Mystic Heaven which is controlled by the Sun God. Hellrod is created by her decaying body and this is controlled by the Moon God. A celestial war breaks out between Sun and Moon as both blame the other for the death of Ancelloan and NosTale Virtual World gameplay begins.   
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