Neopets (originally NeoPets) is a virtual pet website launched by Adam Powell and Donna Williams on 15 November 1999.

Publisher: Neopets

Platform: Browser

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Neopets Browser Based MMO Game
When searching for a browser based MMO where children are welcomed, consider Neopets. This browser game is well-designed and suitable for young children and adults. It consists of a virtual world where you choose a pet to raise and care for. You can train your pet to fight in the battle dome and level them up. Each one of the Neopets have four basic stats that include Speed, Intelligence, Strength and Defense and every pet will advance at different levels depending on how you play them.

Battling is not the only thing this browser MMO game offers because the social aspect is very popular and huge. In fact, it's more popular than the battling for many players. The virtual economy is very interesting and impressive. You can play the stock market of this virtual world or you can start up your own store. You don't have to worry if you have purchased items you no longer want because you can trade them for other items at the trading post. You can also bid for items in the auction house.

There are literally thousands of items to collect in the game from food and clothing for your pets to rare collectibles and weapons. Each player will have a home in one of the regions of the game and you can customize it to suit your taste. You can show off your talents as a decorator and have a lot of fun doing it. With all of the accessories available, you should easily find something you like.   

The minigames can be a lot of fun to play and the higher your score, the more neopoints you'll earn. You're only allowed to play for points three times within a day but you can play for fun as often as you like. If you save your neopoints in the bank you can earn interest and make even more. There are many wonderful and interesting things to in this MMO browser based game. Even though Neopets is designed to entice the younger generation it can be very appealing for adults as well. The community is huge and the social aspect of the game is incredible.  
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