Neo Steam

Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent is a free, steampunk-styled MMORPG.

Publisher: Atlus Online

Platform: PC Windows

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Neo Steam: A Free MMORPG Fantasy Game
Neo Steam is a free MMORPG with loads of fantasy for the player to enjoy. When you first begin playing there will be an opening movie that briefly explains the storyline. This is a nice touch that can help you understand the game better. Basically, the conflict over neo steam (a vital resource) has divided the world into two fractions. These are called the Republic of Rogwel and the Elerd Kingdom and they are constantly battling over the neo steam resources on the world of Chrysalis.

Both factions have seven races and four base classes, which are the exact same but when a player reaches level ten, the second classes are available and these will be different. The mounts, subways and hot air balloons are designed to make traveling easy and they are rather impressive. The makers of this game did a good job with these. Grinding gains you levels and doing quests and killing monsters earns you equipment.

If you choose to join the Republic of Rogwel, then you’ll be joining the industrialist nation that has strong powerful machinery. If you choose the Elerd Kingdom you’ll be dealing mostly with magic and nature. Each race has its own separate continent but there is another piece of land called Taxn, which is considered neutral territory and this is where opposing fractions can fight freely.

Many hardcore gamers may feel that the PvP in Neo Steam has a lot be desired outside of the one reward called the “soul-crystal”, which has a number of different things it can be used for throughout the game. The quests are mostly errands that are not related to the storyline and they are somewhat limited.

There are many players that believe for an action 3D MMORPG there are not enough challenges in the game during the early levels and Neo Steam is lacking when it comes to graphics. Some of the maps don’t show any movements at all, just the lay of the land. However, the terrain is realistic in many places. All in all, this is a Sci-Fi fantasy game that girls and guys alike can have some fun playing. It’s definitely unique and has a lot to offer many gamers.  
Neo SteamNeo SteamNeo SteamNeo SteamNeo Steam
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