Myth War II Online

Myth War II Online is a free to play MMORPG game published by IGG.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: PC Windows

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Myth War II Online 2D MMORPG Fantasy Game

Myth War II Online is a fast-paced 2D MMORPG fantasy game set in a fictional universe. This virtual world is inhabited by a variety of mythological creatures, each with their own unique qualities. This game sets itself apart from other free online games by offering fresh content and a variety of features that you won’t find in similar games.  

You can choose between the four races which are Human, Mage, Centaur and Borg and you can pick which gender you want to be. The males and the females of each race have different specialty skills, which add variety to the characters. The humans are basically a fallen tribe who’s not very stable so they do what they can to survive. They are described as being wicked and reckless but at the same time very smart.
The Centaurs have excellent agility and they’re very intelligent with a long and interesting history. The females have a higher status than the males have. They may appear to be warlike but they actually prefer to live a nice, quiet, peaceful life. The Borg is half human and half robot. The main thing they have going for them is the enormous knowledge of technology they possess.
The Mage is actually a combination of the human and the centaur and they have been cursed from the very beginning. After selling their souls to the dark lord, they were cursed again. Some of the Centaurs are intelligent and they progress very well while offering forgiveness to other races but some of them have a deep hatred they can’t seem to overcome.
Myth War II Online MMORPG offers players the option of choosing a pet. The type of pet you can have will be based on the character you choose. You can acquire your pet near the beginning of the game and they will follow you around, fight with you and gain experience with you. They can become a powerful companion that can be a huge help in battles. You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of some high levels mounts that will make the game even more fun and interesting.
In this MMORPG fighting game, the combat is “turn based”, which means that you take turns with your enemy. This is very similar to the old RPG games that tend to be very appealing to the nostalgic gamers. Published by IGG, Myth War II Online is a free MMORPG that is fun and appealing, making it a good choice for the causal gamer. 
Myth War II OnlineMyth War II OnlineMyth War II OnlineMyth War II OnlineMyth War II Online
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