Muniz Online

Muniz Online is a browser based MMORPG game.

Publisher: CHAPATIZ

Platform: Browser

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Muniz Online 2D MMORPG Browser Game
Muniz Online MMORPG takes place in a virtual world where the characters seem to come alive. Any gamer who enjoys getting involved with the online community will enjoy this MMORPG because the possibilities are almost endless. The world is made up mostly by teenagers and the site and avatars are uniquely designed. You’ll be swept away from the very start as soon as you enter the game.

When it comes to customizing your avatar this 2D MMORPG browser game has plenty of options. There are over five thousand items available to use to make your avatar stand out from all the rest. You can set up your account for free and some of the customizing items are free to help you get started. Later in the game you’ll be able to collect many different hairstyles, shoes, clothing and even jewelry allowing you to change the look of your avatar often.

There will be a look for all occasions and any mood you happen to be in. Once you complete a specific collection such as shoes or hairstyles you’ll be eligible for bonus items. New bonus items are always being added to the game three at a time. These are referred to as the “Booster” and you can find them on the shopping page.

Muniz Online MMORPG offers a variety of minigames for all to enjoy. It also has an excellent lottery system, interactive chat, exciting quest and wonderful graphics. In fact, there are many chat rooms to discover where you can meet new friends and have a great time. The rooms all have different styles that range from the cute to the hardcore. Variety is everywhere so matter what your interest or mood is, you’re sure to find something that captures your attention.         

Many of the ideas for events in the game come from the members themselves. This helps to keep the community lively and the players active. Members are given full support when they want to host games rewarded with XP points, items and coins.

Muniz Online MMORPG offers lots of fun and excitement in a friendly atmosphere where players can gather together in one of the best online communities available today. There are many different forms of interaction to enjoy and it’s all free. It’s an excellent MMORPG for girls and guys between ages thirteen and seventeen years of age.  
Muniz OnlineMuniz OnlineMuniz OnlineMuniz OnlineMuniz Online
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