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MU Online is produced by Webzen, a full 3D MMORPG which is one of the leading online games developed in Korea.

Publisher: Webzen

Platform: PC Windows

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Mu Online Free to Play MMORPG
Mu Online MMORPG was originally released as a pay-to-play game but now a free to play version of this 2D fantasy game is available. The system requirements for this MMORPG aren’t very demanding so most anyone can play regardless of what type of computer system they have. It’s a fast paced action fighting game with a large community. This game offers PvP and dueling for the players, which is probably one of the reasons it does have such a large playerbase.

Mu Online has three starting classes which are the Dark Wizard, Dark Knight and Elf, which is odd because elves are normally classified as a race. The Dark Wizards can dish out large amounts of damage and they are the primary offense spell casting class. They can handle single opponents and area targets very well. However, their defense abilities are weak and they do have low hit points.

The Dark Knight would be classified as the primary warrior and they have a high defense with lots of hit points. However, their offense is weak especially in the beginning levels. Elves can cast some magic to support other players and from a distance they can do a lot of damage with their bows.

There are several things that gamers find annoying with this MMORPG. For example, the grinding in Mu Online can get repetitive and it may not have enough quest options to satisfy the experienced gamers. Another thing that most players find annoying is that it doesn’t offer any customization for the characters.

Many players complain about only having three starting classes because this limits new players. However, it also provides three job promotions so this allows the players to advance later in the game. One of the biggest problems found was that it’s a large world that is easy to get lost in and the game does not provide players with a map.

The graphics are poor compared to some of the newer games but this is understandable since it was originally released several years ago as a pay to play online game. Online Graphic Design schools have come far. It does provide regular events for players to participate in and it has a great item system. Even with the problems that are associated with Mu Online, it still has a lot to offer anyone searching for a fast paced free 2D fantasy fighting game. 
Mu OnlineMu OnlineMu OnlineMu OnlineMu Online
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