Monato Esprit

Monato Esprit is a 3D, fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Publisher: Reality Gap

Platform: PC Windows

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Monato Esprit: An MMO with a Unique In-game Economy
Monato Esprit is a MMORPG with a unique in-game economy. Unlike most games, it has a player-driven economy, which means there are no NPC vendors or shops to buy items from. Instead, players use a barter system and MetaTIX currency to exchange and trade with each other. It’s the first game to use this method for currency. There are some areas where you’ll need the MetaTIX currency to enter. For example, it’s used to access certain quest, enter certain dungeons and to take part in auctions.
The loot carried by the monsters within the MMORPG game can be used to craft gear and make potions. Killing monsters and collecting their loot makes it possible for players to still play without having to pay for the premium currency in the game. Creating your character is easy because the game only has one default race called the Archons, which are actually winged humanoids.
You can choose between nine different hair colors, eight hair styles, four different eye colors and styles and you can pick the gender for your character. As an added feature the game allows you to pick out your character’s horoscope from twelve different choices. The horoscope grants your character bonuses and each one has a different bonus.     
All players start out playing Monato Esprit MMORPG the same way and there is a good tutorial area that will help you understand how to play. After the tutorial you’ll be sent to the city of Isildra. When you reach level 5 you’ll choose one of the six classes which are Hwarang, Mage, Harlequin, Sheriff, Templar and Cleric.  
The Hwarang is an offensive warrior with a two-handed sword that can cause heavy damage. The Mage is the offensive spellcaster and they command the four elements and cast devastating spells. The Harlequin is the same as rogues in other games and they use their cunning and secrecy to win battles. The Sheriff is a ranged fighter who uses firearms to dish out a lot of damage from a distance but they’re weak in melee combat.
The Templar is a defense warrior that carries heavy armor and shields to protect themselves. The Cleric support spell casters and they use wands and wear cloth armor. Monato Esprit is a 3D fantasy MMORPG game that has a very in-depth crafting system, dungeons, plenty of quests and minigames. It would be a good choice for the causal gamer.


Monato EspritMonato EspritMonato EspritMonato EspritMonato Esprit
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