Mir 2

The Legend of Mir 2 is a sprite based isometric 3-D massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Korean-based Wemade Entertainment.

Publisher: Gamepot USA

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://mir2.gamepotusa.com

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Mir 2 – An MMORPG Classic
The re-release of the popular MMORPG game “The Legends of Mir 2” titled Mir 2: The Legend Continues has never been as popular in the U.S. as it was in Asia. But this classic 2D fantasy action game is considered a classic amongst MMORPG gamers.

Most MMORPG’s released in the 90’s feature similar graphics and game play to those found in Mir 2. Mouse controlled movement with single key auto running places Mir2 into the common gaming technology genre of the time along with Diablo and NOX. Mir 2 has never been considered a gutting edge game, either for its graphics or technology, but other factors led to the success of this fantasy fighting game.

Mir 2 was the first large scale MMORPG in China that is one of the factors of its success, the other is the level of freedom the players have. This whole game is open with towns guarded by NPC’s (guards) to keep out murderers. While killing is a part of the game, the main task is tactical strategy and warfare. Too many kills earns a player the title of Murderer and leaves him open to being attacked by other players and NPC’s. 

When creating your characters you get to choose from four classes: Warrior, Wizard, Taoist or Assassin. New characters start out in a tiny border village, where they may be invited to join a Newbie Guild. After becoming a member of the newbie guild you will notice several NPC’s with exclamation marks over their heads. These are how you know who to speak to in order to being your “talking quests” which lead to other physical challenges and missions. Mir 2 has quite a few kill quests to quench your blood thirst as well as the quests to gain more income, protect towns, and collect properties.

Players not only complete quests, they also gather, sell and earn income. Throughout the game you must keep your health vial and manna vials filled to continue. After reaching level 9 players can learn spells to help them with their quests. The strategy involved in this fighting action game will challenge beginners, but will seem quite simple for gamers who are more accustomed to the newer technology and graphics in MMORPG’s today.


Mir 2Mir 2Mir 2Mir 2Mir 2
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