Matrix Online

The Matrix Online was a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by Monolith Productions. It was the official continuation of the storyline of the Matrix series of films.

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

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Matrix Online: An Amazing 3D MMORPG Fighting Game
If you’re like most people, when you hear the word Matrix, you automatically think of the extraordinary movies that involved some of the most exciting battles you ever seen. Matrix Online MMORPG gives players a chance to be a part of this exciting world because it’s inspired by the Matrix trilogy. In a sense, the game takes up where the movies left off and it takes place in the Metro World, which is actually Matrix itself.
When it comes to gameplay, this one really shines. Just like in the movies, the phone booths and the phones play a significance role in the game. These are called the “hardlines” and the phone is your connection to the “real world”. The game has lots of missions and PvP action that is so realistic you’ll feel like you’re actually part of it. The 3D graphics and details are amazing and they help make this game even more enjoyable.
Matrix Online MMORPG has three factions to choose from called The Machines, The Merovingians and Zion. When you begin the game you’ll be part of the Zion faction automatically. However, all you have to do to change factions is to begin taking missions for the side that you want to join. The more missions you take for a particular faction, the more well-known you’ll become with them. After choosing your faction, it’s time to start searching for a group or guild to join.
The designers of this game did an excellent job when it comes to dressing up your character who actually gets to wear trench coats and sunglasses. You have two unique options when it comes to clothing. Some are designed as accessories only and others give you bonus stats. You can buy clothes, accessories, tools and other items from the market. Another great feature of the game allows you to access the market using the “hardlines”. Items can also be picked up from dead bodies.

This fighting MMORPG offers excellent combat with three special training options called the operative, coder and hacker. You can choose to work with other players or go solo, it’s up to you. You can enjoy PvP play with one on one action, duel action or groups can fight each other. Another great feature of this free game is the regular events that you can take part in when you’re not wrapped up in battles. If you enjoyed the movies, then you’ll mostly likely enjoy Matrix Online.   

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