Martial Heroes

Martial Heroes is a 3D fantasy MMORPG created by the South Korean game developer CR Space.

Publisher: Game Entertainment Europe

Platform: PC Windows

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Martial Heroes MMORPG Fantasy Fighting Game
Martial Heroes MMORPG game takes place in an ancient oriental world that is simply fascinating. In this 3D MMORPG fantasy game you pick the character you want to play instead of creating one. You have a choice between four different heroes that are classified as a warrior, an assassin, a monk and a mage and you can give them any name you want them to have.

Each hero has three weapons to use throughout the game which includes the sword, claw and the lance. You can choose to specialize one of these weapons to help your character grow and accomplish your goals. The game also has a great combo system designed to allow you to combine skills together and use then as one skill. This gives the player a chance to try out different combos until they discover the ones that work the best. This MMORPG also includes a weapon upgrade which is an excellent feature.

The quests are exciting and you’ll be traveling all across the world to accomplish them. You’ll see a variety of different scenery that includes ancient temples, caves and forests to name a few. It uses the standard point the mouse and click system but the combat is smooth and makes you feel as if you’re truly conquering your enemies. The fights can get pretty intense at times so be ready for this. Of course, that is one of the features that makes Martial Heroes stand out above many of the others games on the market today.

It even gives you the opportunity to gain special skills that allow you to run faster especially when you reach some of the higher levels. The graphics are old but this is not a new game so it’s understandable and they are still better than what you’ll find with some of the newer games. The sound effects suit the theme of the game well. Players have the option of joining a guild and fighting in groups and you can also PvP. If you get killed the PvP system will let you teleport back to a player’s position for revenge.

Martial Heroes is a fun and exciting MMORPG game that any martial arts fan should try. It has many nice features and when it comes to gameplay, you couldn’t ask for anything better with a solid combat system anyone can appreciate. It’s definitely an action packed fast paced game with excellent martial arts fighting moves that many gamers can enjoy.   
Martial HeroesMartial HeroesMartial HeroesMartial HeroesMartial Heroes
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