Manga Fighter

Manga Fighter is a MMORPG third-person shooter developed by OnNet and hosted by game portal GameCampus, for Microsoft Windows-based PCs.

Publisher: OnNet

Platform: PC Windows

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Manga Fighter: No Ordinary MMORPG Shooter Game


Manga Fighter is a 3D shooter MMORPG game that is not like your average game of this genre. It offers a few twist and originality that makes it stand out from all the others. For example, instead of taking place in current times or some futuristic world, it’s created with vibrant graphics in a cartoony style world. This game targets a young audience but it has enough key features to also appeal to some mature gamers.  

The characters will make you laugh when you see some of the silly looking avatars in the game. For example, there are a couple of humans walking around with a television set for a head, a giant teddy bear and even a cat. This shooter MMORPG uses the unique third person gameplay that helps to liven things up a bit.

What this means is that the aiming and shooting is a lot different than what you would find in an FPS MMORPG game. You need to keep up with your character so you can protect it from your enemy while you’re firing. Otherwise, you may end up getting blown away by your opponent. It may take some time to learn how to use your weapons efficiently so be prepared to practice a little to get the hang of it. You’ll also have to learn how to avoid the recoil so you don’t cause damage to yourself.                

Manga Fighter MMORPG has six playable characters, which are Ken, Sai, MiuMiu, Hana, Dr. Uru and Kuma. Ken is a young boy and Sai is a man with a circular TV head. MiuMiu is an agile cat and Hana is a young girl. Dr. Uru also has a TV head but his is rectangular shaped and Kuma is a giant teddy bear. They each have different health, strengths and speeds and you can switch between characters whenever you want to.

The tutorial is excellent and broken down into four stages, which explains everything from the basic controls to how the game modes work. There are actually four game modes for you to enjoy and the game uses a unique card based equipment and skill system that rewards players as they advance.

The MMORPG game doesn’t have a lot of maps (8 to be exact) but the ones they do have are very well designed. Manga Fighter is a fun, entertaining game and it’s a good choice for anyone searching for a free and unique action filled shooter MMORPG to play. 



Manga FighterManga FighterManga FighterManga FighterManga Fighter
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