Lunia is a pseudo-3D, isometric MMORPG developed by Korean company allm, and published in North America by ijji.

Publisher: NHN USA

Platform: PC Windows

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Lunia MMORPG Game
Lunia is a unique side-scrolling 2.5 MMORPG that attempts to keep side scrolling games around by combining these elements with the elements of popular MMORPGs. All in all, it does a pretty good job of it, too. The story of Lunia is just as important to the game as anything else you will encounter as you play.

The game is broken into storylines that you will experience as you go along in the game. There are six episodes which are broken into two parts. These different episodes are broken down even more into stages. Each stage carries an important part of the storyline.

The graphics are decent, especially for a 2D MMORPG and there are neat spell effects in the game and on the specific classes so your character will have these as well. The characters will look similar at first like other games of this type but once you have leveled up and started to get new gear and stuff, this will change.

When you first start the game, you will have only four characters that you can access. These are the Sieg, like a warrior class, the Dainn, like a mage class, the Tia, like a thief and the Eir which is your healer class. Later in the game you will get the opportunity to open up the Lime, Dacy and Yuki classes. One downside is that there is no customization in the character creation.

All in all, it’s a great MMORPG that has some unique benefits to other games similar to it making it fun to try it out. It’s free to play so you haven’t risked anything when you try it out and it’s easy to sign up and start playing. It also has guilds and a ranking system, adding to the pros of this game. It makes a great little action MMORPG.


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