Lords Online

Lords Online is a free to play MMORTS game published by IGG.

Publisher: IGG

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://lo.igg.com

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Lords Online Browser Based MMORTS Game

Lords Online is a 2D browser based MMORTS game with a twist. One of the first things that you’ll notice is the bright colorful graphics. It’s a solid game that has an in-depth storyline. This free-to-play MMO has many excellent features that will keep the player interested and coming back for more.

After starting your account you’re ready to create your character from the three options available, which are the Human, Shaba and Alec. You also have the opportunity to choose your own gender. The Human is self-explanatory and Shaba is an orc-like race. The Alec is a race that is similar to the elf. After you choose your character you’ll be randomly sent to the first city where you’ll begin your adventures. However, you can manually choose your city if you prefer.

Once you arrive in the city you’ll be greeted by a short tutorial that will explain how the MMORTS game is played and this can be very useful. The interface is clean and easy to use and the quests that are designed for beginners will teach you most everything you need to know about the game. Every city in Lords Online has thirty-two empty slots where players can construct buildings to start their empire.

Lords Online MMORTS has four resources, which are Food, Stone, Lumber and Iron. They can be used to upgrade technology, build structures, train troops and to hire heroes that can lead the troops you train into battles. Gold can also be acquired as a resource through taxing other players and NPCs. The resource generating buildings are already in place in this game so all you need to do is decide which ones to upgrade and when.

The object of the MMORTS game is to expand your empire and command your troops and heroes. There are monsters scattered about the map as well that you’ll have to deal with from time to time. It’s always a good idea to team up with neighbors to discourage them from invading your territory and for protection from raiders that randomly appear.

The ability to command your heroes on the map and the excellent graphics are two of the main things that set Lords Online apart from other browser based games. You have more freedom to rule your kingdom the way you want to and this makes things more interesting and personal. If you enjoy playing MMO games of this type, it’s recommended you give this one a try. 
Lords OnlineLords OnlineLords OnlineLords OnlineLords Online
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