LEGO Universe

LEGO Universe is a family-friendly MMOG developed by NetDevil.

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

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LEGO Universe MMO

LEGO Universe is a family-friendly MMO online game, appropriate for players aged eight and above, centred around an epic battle between creativity and chaos. The LEGO brick lies at the centre of the experience, and several levels of building are available, from simple gameplay oriented challenges all the way up to sophisticated brick-by-brick design. With a focus on creativity and building, LEGO Universe invites players to flex their imaginations with the iconic brick in a vibrant online world.

Developed by the LEGO Group and NetDevil, LEGO Universe MMO will enable players of all ages to build, create, interact with friends, battle, and explore LEGO worlds – past, present and future. The MMO is scheduled to release later this year.

LEGO UniverseLEGO UniverseLEGO UniverseLEGO UniverseLEGO Universe
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