Legend of Martial Arts

Legend of Martial Arts is a MMORPG developed and published by Perfect World Entertainment.

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://loma.perfectworld.com

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Legend of Martial Arts MMORPG

Previously known as Kung Foo!, Perfect World Entertainment took player feedback from the first closed beta and revamped the game with a complete graphic overhaul along with a plethora of new content and features.

In the midst of a raging battle, many types of heroes will rise to search for a princess in peril. Mysterious Oracles and savage Berserkers will join the fight against a common enemy with a very powerful secret. With the missing princess and kingdom up for grabs, only you can uncover the secret and legend of martial arts.

Legend of Martial Arts features:

  • New Reaver Race – The first non-human, demonic race with two new specific classes, the Berserker and the Oracle
    • Berserker class – Transform into a cat or wolf to greatly improve physical abilities
    • Oracle class – Summon gods from the underworld to activate special and more powerful magical spells
  • Expansive Zones – Discovery in-depth zones including a new Reaver specific starting zone
  • Legendary Weapon System – Rewards the most elite players on each server with ultra rare and unique weapons
  • PvP Dungeons – Battle against other players for the right to take down powerful monsters and bosses
  • Dungeon Matchmaking/Queue System – Spend less timing looking for a group and more time running dungeons
  • Ascension System – Unlock a whole new level of character progression upon reaching the highest echelons of gameplay
  • Territory Wars – Build up your guild and fight for control of various territories that will give guild players exclusive access certain merchants


Legend of Martial ArtsLegend of Martial ArtsLegend of Martial ArtsLegend of Martial ArtsLegend of Martial Arts
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