The Legacy of Holy Castle

The Legacy of Holy Castle MMORPG browser game.

Publisher: Ray Flame Entertainment

Platform: Browser

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The Legacy of Holy Castle MMORPG Browser Game
The Legacy of the Holy Castle is one of the newer 2D text browser MMORPG games in which you have the unique opportunity to take control and upgrade your own kingdom. Once you create your account you’ll be declared a warlord, given a castle and a hero to customize that will assist you throughout the MMORPG game. You will also be assigned a few resources and soldiers to help you get started.

You’ll be redirected to the webpage of the main castle where you’ll be greeted by tabs and sub-menus. You’ll need to go through these in order to begin playing. Players are only allowed to have one castle each but that’ll be enough to keep you busy. It takes time building up your castle and training your army but that’s what makes the game so interesting.

The gameplay is simple and easy to understand with a good tutorial that will help you get started. However, it can be a little confusing at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Basically, the tabs on the left-hand side are used to represent the actions you make as a player. When something is constructed it’s done so in real-time so keep this in mind throughout the game.

The Legacy of Holy Castle is a strategy text MMORPG game and you need to think about your decisions before acting on them. You’ll need to design a defense plan to protect your castle and an offense plan to attack other castles. The strategy that you implement is one of the key factors that determines who becomes the winner in the end.   

The heroes are the most important character in the game because they are the center of your economy and your military power. They help to protect your castle but they can also be sent on important missions and adventures where they can train and do battle. You can give your hero a name and pick out a specific look for him or her. You’ll also need to pick out two skills. Later in the game you can recruit more heroes to work for you.

This action MMORPG has good graphics and a great trade system that is broken down into four categories called the Mysterious Shop, Equipment Shop, Item Trade and Player Trade. The world map can be displayed in graphical or list form making it easy to find your targets. If you enjoy playing strategy browser MMORPG games, The Legacy of Holy Castle is a good choice and one that you should enjoy.  
The Legacy of Holy CastleThe Legacy of Holy CastleThe Legacy of Holy CastleThe Legacy of Holy CastleThe Legacy of Holy Castle
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