League of Legends

League of Legends is an MMORTS strategy game inspired by the Defense of the Ancients map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows.

Publisher: Riot Games

Platform: PC Windows

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League of Legends
League of Legends is a MMORTS Fantasy 3D Strategy Action Fighting game that can be compared to Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), the very successful Warcraft 3 mod. League of Legends builds onto this game while also keeping some of the original features that made it so loved.

One thing to understand about this game is that if you are a new player who is not a veteran of the predecessor, you're probably going to be asking yourself what's going on and who the heck all of these people are.

If you're a veteran of DOTA, you're going to have a clear advantage in the game. In fact, by just having played DOTA before, you're going to be one-up on anyone who is starting new with no experience from DOTA.
In this game, players will be formed into two even teams with anywhere from 1-5 players on each team. They will then start at opposing sides of the map close to what is called a "Nexus". In order to win the game, one side needs to destroy the Nexus of the opposing team. 

To destroy the Nexus, you will have to work your way through a series of towers. As you work down the lanes to destroy the towers, you can gain levels from killing the other team's creeps. You also need to buy equipment and armor to help your character advance. Each player will start at level 1 and can work up to a max of level 18.

Microtransactions will be available which opens up new opportunities for what you can obtain in the game. There are eight characters available on a rotating basis to all players so this is something to consider as well. The boxed addition gives you access to two-thirds of the characters in the game and a $10 game card to use in the game store. It's a cost-effective game in comparison to the many pay to play MMORPGs on the market today.

It's a somewhat complex and intimidating game so your decisions will weigh heavily on the outcome of the game. Still, there is some room for exploration and goofing around when you're looking for some fun downtime. There is a great community that is pretty good about offering advice and help when needed and all in all, it's a pretty good game, especially to be free.


League of LegendsLeague of LegendsLeague of LegendsLeague of LegendsLeague of Legends
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