La Tale is a 2D side-scrolling online MMORPG game developed by Actoz Soft. Gamers take the role of adventurers in a mythological fantasy world.

Publisher: OGPlanet

Platform: PC Windows

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LaTale 2D Action MMORPG Game
LaTale is a side scrolling 2D Action MMORPG developed by Actoz Soft. Gamers take control of a single character in a rich fantasy environment as they fight monsters, complete quests, and gain skills and abilities as they level up.

Characters can choose from 5 basic classes: Warriors, Knights, Wizards, Explorers, or Engineers. Each class has its own specific strengths and game play advantages. Players who reach level 80 are given access to powerful Promotions that give their character even more depth and variety.

Currency in LaTale MMORPG comes in two varieties: Ely and Astros. Ely is the normal in game currency and is obtained through quest completion or monster conquest. Astros must be purchased from OGPlanet (the game's host) or using Ely they can purchase Astros directly from other players. Ely is used to make all general purchases while Astros are used to make fashion shop purchases.

Skills are split into 6 unique categories give players a surprising amount of customization flexibility. Players can learn many crafting skills and can create unique items for in-game use or for sale to another player. Players can even have pets that assist them in field! Pets gain level with their masters as you complete quests and kill monsters.

LaTale MMORPG sports a variety of helpful features including Waypoints for easier travel, a Mail System for communication, and even a Marriage System.

LaTale MMORPG boasts rich Player vs. Player (PvP) features and is a key aspect of its in-game community. Players can fight in arenas in Free-for-All or team based battles. Players can earn PvP items and skills not available elsewhere to further empower your character in the La Tale universe! Players can join Guilds and gain unique skills and attributes that benefit not only your character, but your entire Guild!

Beautifully animated, cleverly designed, and enriched by a story and characters that fully immerse players in this fantastic realm, LaTale is an exciting MMORPG that is suitable for players of any skill set or taste. So, if you want to jump in with friends as a hardcore gamer, or if you just want to quest casually on your own, LaTale a perfect choice! 
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