KO Champs

KO Champs is a free to play MMO browser based boxing game.

Publisher: mindvent GmbH

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://www.ko-champs.com

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KO Champs MMO Boxing Game

Any fan of boxing is going to want to try the KO Champs Sports MMO browser game. The game only requires any Internet browser and runs on Java. This is an online MMO game that allows players to create their own boxer and put him in the ring to fight other gamers and their boxers. The main goal is to become the heavyweight boxer of the world. There are many ways to get to this level and there are also monetary goals that come with being the manager of an up and coming boxer. 

Players start with a junior boxer who is known as “Babyface” and who is going to be trained by the player. There are eight levels that have to be completed before the boxer is ready for level nine which is the highest and allows the boxer to compete in the for the coveted the heavyweight title. In between all of the levels, the manager/player needs to train his boxer to get leveled up. Every two weeks there is also a World Cup of Boxing that all level nine fighters can compete in to get to the current world champ.

The best way to level up a boxer is to train him in the gym and pit him against other boxers. It takes a great deal of gym time as well as a lot of fights in order to get a boxer to the level nine position that allows him to fight in the big show. The boxer wins points when a fight is won and as points are gained, the levels increase. There is also prize money to be had when the boxer wins a match. Those who compete in the World Cup and go on to fight in the heavyweight bout can win up to five thousand dollars in cash.

Any boxing lover is going to have a ball training his fighter and getting him ready to gain levels. Poor management can leave a fighter shy of attaining the level nine needed to contend in the world cup. A fighter with a good manager can easily attain the level nine and can become the world champ in no time at all. Try KO Champs MMO game today.

KO ChampsKO ChampsKO ChampsKO ChampsKO Champs
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