Kingory is a free to play browser-based MMORTS game utilizing turn-based gameplay.

Publisher: Joyport

Platform: Browser

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Kingory - Free Turn-Based MMORTS Game
Kingory is a free browser based MMORTS game, which’s set up in ancient oriental land with truceless wars and battles. Player can make history by gathering a group of the most valiant heroes and the brightest counselors around, beating your neighbors, and unifying the empire.
  • Historical settings
Kingory’s historical background is one of its charm. All the cities, maps, heroes, and battlefields are actually all real. Trace the footprint of time, make your own history.
  • Strategy. Strategy. Strategy!
Revolutionary mix of real-time strategy (RTS) and turn-based strategy (TBS). There are 23 different types of techniques for players to research, from civil activities to military. And the 21 sets of strategy can help the players to experience the charm of war strategy. Stratagem of Empty City, Lure Away the Enemy… A brilliant strategy will turn the table on the battle field.
  • PvP and PvE battle
Arena battle is the highlight of Kingory’s battle system. Gamers with noble rank above Livery can enter Arena and fire wars. There’re two modes to choose from: PvE & PvP Arena, PvE Arena. Kingory has an original micro-operate system which allows commanders to choose different tactics during the battle. The war in Kingory is no longer a brief compare of military force, and they can grip the whole battle in their own hand, to create the legendary warfare by their own. Players will choose among different character classes, build their own territory, and venture from the safety of your own land to the treacherous battlefields.
  • Hero System
Hero system is a unique feature of Kingory, which you can hardly see elsewhere. In Kingory, heroes are divided in to civil officer, warrior and counselor, who are respectively good at interior construction, attacking, defense with strategy. Every hero can lead one troop. Hero with higher level can lead more troops. 914 high heroes and infinite number of random heroes with different traits and properties are at your disposal.
  • Social Integration
Kingory is not only an engaging MMORTS, but a social-friendly one at that. Play Kingory Facebook version with your friends, help with each other for construction, chat freely, share resources, send gifts, and allocate your barracks and your solders among your friends. Kingory is the next cool stop to hang out with your buddies, invade a couple of enemy territories together while bragging about how you gained 5k rep. overnight.

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