KartRider is an online multiplayer racing game that has managed to get well over 230 million users playing.

Publisher: Nexon

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.nexon.net

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Enjoy 3D Racing MMO Action with KartRider
MMORPG fans of all ages enjoy 3D racing action with KartRider. This beta MMORPG action game originated in China as the game PopKart. The English beta is currently closed for an indefinite time and the official version of KartRider has not been released. There is hope that the beta will return or that Nexon America will put out an official version of this fun 3D game.

KartRider offers several different racing games within the beta, players challenge not only themselves against the game, but also against other players in this action filled MMORPG. You can race against players from all over the world in any of these fun races to learn racing skills, earn license levels and improve your Kart.
  • Speed game allows players to earn nitrous boosts for drifting; there are no power ups, and team play.
  • Item game features races with floating power ups that the racer can collect.
  • Flag game is similar to capture the flag, where the player who holds the flag for the longest time wins. Other players can smash into the flag carrier or collect missiles from the map to cause the player to drop the flag. This game also offers team play.
  • Scenario is a mode where players have to fulfill certain objectives to complete the race.
  • Battle game features random tracks, for teams to battle on.
  • Chance is a no option race in which the game selects your Kart randomly.
The social aspect of KartRider is found in both team games, and in the gamer rooms. Players earn license levels as they play which enable them to enter the gamer rooms for their level only. Leveling up also improves the players kart and items.  The fun of beating each individual challenge, taking on other racers and climbing up the ladder to move from rookie driver up to novice and higher; makes KartRider an entertaining game on many levels.

With over 230 million players trying out the beta version many MMORPG racing gamers are hoping that KartRider either introduces a new beta or releases the official version of KartRider.  
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