Kart N Crazy

Kart N Crazy MMO Racing game is free to play and published by GOA.

Publisher: GOA

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://jeu.orange.fr/

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Kart N Crazy: An Exciting MMO Racing Game

If you’re a fan of racing games, then Kart N Crazy is an excellent MMO that you should thoroughly enjoy. This fast-paced fast-action game allows you to race around nine colorful stages while defeating the competition. It has thirty-six magnificently designed courses and two game modes. The “Speed” game mode gives you a chance to show off your great skill as a driver and the “Item” game mode allows you to the use items on the track to slow down your opponents. This helps to make things more even more interesting.  

When you begin the MMO racing game, you’ll be greeted with colorful graphics and a variety of options to keep you entertained for hours. The servers are located in Europe so many of the players don’t speak English but that doesn’t hurt the game at all. Published by GOA, this 3D racing game has an excellent item shop where you can use the currency, which is Nitro, to purchase clothes, new model characters, accessories and new karts. Many racing games fall short in this area but Kart N Crazy has a lot to offer.
Another amazing feature of this MMO racing game is that it can support up to sixteen players in a single race. This is very impressive and not something that you usually find in a racing game of this type. Courses are filled with obstacles and many sharp turns to make things even more interesting. The “Ghost Mode” is an excellent feature that allows players to race around the tracks alone.
This has many benefits for the player. For instance, it gives beginners a chance to practice and get good at running the course before actually entering a race against other players. As an added bonus, the top three records are recorded and you can race to try and beat the top scores. You can also compete in single player challenges in the “quest mode” and collect experience and nitro.
Kart N Crazy is one of the best action racing games of its gene and it’s recommended for anyone who enjoys this type of MMO. You’ll be intrigued by the game from the time you begin until you force yourself to take a break.  
Kart N CrazyKart N CrazyKart N CrazyKart N CrazyKart N Crazy
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