Karos Online

Karos Online is a free to play action based fantasy MMORPG game published by NHN.

Publisher: NHN

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.karosgame.com

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Karos Online Fantasy MMORPG Game
Karos Online MMORPG game takes place in a large fantasy world called Asmara where players can move around between cities freely for the most part. The graphics are excellent and the massive buildings and other details are all clear and vivid. It gives you the feeling that you're actually there in person.

This 3D MMORPG fantasy game has three playable races called Humans, Seroines and Shadows and six playable classes which are as follows: Sorceress, Bow Mistress, Mystic, Paladin, Blader and Rogue. The Seroines are classified as the Light Elves and the Shadows are the Dark Elves. Each class has two job advancements when they reach level 15 but there's not much customization available.

The Sorceress is female and they can cast curse and powerful debuff spells and when they advance they can become spellbinders. The Bow Mistress is a master at archery and they are females. The Mystic are females and they will advance to a Mage or Cleric but in the meantime, they use offensive magic when doing battle.

Paladin are also female characters that are called the “holy warrior” and they are equipped with a sword and shield. They possess divine healing powers and can help to enhance the combat power of their teammates. The Blader are males and they are a very powerful melee class who become Swordsmen or Spear-men after advancing. Rogues are male and they have great evasion abilities and can do a lot of damage when in battle. They will become a Duelist or an Assassin when they advance. However, they do have low hitpoints and defense abilities.

This MMORPG has an easy to learn gameplay that can be a bit addictive although the combat can be a little slow at times. Questing is the best way to level up so it's advised that you do as many quest as possible. After reaching level 10 you'll be able to take part in PK or Player Kill mode but when you kill other players your moral value drops. If it drops too low you will be attacked by guards and not allowed in towns until you kill monsters and raise the moral value back up again.

You can turn the PK mode on and off anytime throughout the game so you won't be attacked by other players when you're not prepared. Karos Online is considered a good game for hardcore players that enjoy grinding and running quest but the causal gamer may find it a bit overwhelming. Still, it has an excellent interface system and a breathtaking design that anyone can appreciate.  
Karos OnlineKaros OnlineKaros OnlineKaros OnlineKaros Online
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